Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mini Round Up 23/09/12

Hello! :)
I've had a busy couple of weeks again with lots of change!

Here's what I've been up to...  
 Catching up with my friend Corry over wine and sushi!
 N'aww-ing over this keyring one of her former pupils had made her! N'aww!
My last week of work at Costa/Tesco! No more 7am starts or waiting for the bus at 5:30am! Yay!

And no more of this!
The customer who left this mess wasn't that much bigger than me and in the space of about 15 minutes he ate:
A baguette, 4 kids rolls, a cheese ploughmans, 2 cheese and ham paninis, 6 scones and jam, a cookie, 2 kit kats, a muffin, a bottle of 7up and 2 bottles of pepsi.
I was in shock!
 Bye bye Wicker!
 My parents went away to Ibiza on holiday and I was looking after the house/feeding the tortoise. This is Trevor!
 He was a bit mardy in this picture and didn't want to come out of his shell!
 I picked this up in H&M :)
I found a box of old photographs from when I was at college! I miss having pink hair :( I had it for nearly 5 years :)
While my parents were away I was sat in my room one afternoon and my bedroom door opened... I nearly had a heart attack as I was home alone with all the doors and windows locked...

This little fella had managed to get in the house at some point and crept in!
Our dog Alfie was in kennels while Mum was away as I was going to be out of the house for 12 hours at a time so it wouldn't be fair on him to be left for so long.
Unfortunately he came back with kennel cough :( He's much better now after a trip to the vets but was feeling a bit sorry for himself when we first got him back :(
  Mum got me this bracelet - I love it! :)
 And a pretty bottle of beer!
 I had to renew my driving license as I've now had it for 10 years! I was quite glad to update the photo as my original one was awful and I looked like a 12 year old boy in it!
 I dug out a few of my old t-shirts I'd not worn in ages. I love this one, I got it when I visited Hong Kong :)
 Lol-ing at keyword searches on my blog... Really? Really?!
Finally getting a picture of the Phlegm mural on the side of the RSPCA centre in Sheffield. I wanted to include this in my guide to Sheffield but got a picture of some other work by Phlegm!
  I went out for my leaving do from work last Friday and got a little bit drunk. I don't that think me and Absinthe mix...
A little bit tipsy in the Great Gatsby!
I finally got my token photograph with the gold postbox in Sheffield!
 We popped along to the Sheffield Food Festival last weekend for a quick peek. There were loads of bits and pieces going on and some really cool stalls. I loved the watermelon carvings on the Aagrar stand.
 I had my eyes tested before I started my new job. I got some new Ray Ban glasses :)
 Pretty pack lunch box! I need some inspiration for lunch ideas now!
 My awesome personalised planner arrived from Personal-Planner. I've just noticed that it kind of matches my lunch box! I'll be writing about this in a little bit more detail soon but it is fab!
 I started my new job on Monday. It's going great so far! There's a lot to take in but I'm really enjoying it.

This is my view on the walk to work :)
This is another view of the walk to work - so pretty! :)
As you can see, I'm now hooked on Instagram! My username is pinklittlebean - let me know if you are on there too! :)

PS. If you haven't already entered, I have a little giveaway on where you can win a pair of Topshop earrings and a bottle of Essie nail polish - you can find out more and enter here!

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