Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mini Round Up 06/09/12


First off, I have some big news... I have a new job!! :)
I found out at the beginning of this week and have now handed my notice in so it's all official! I start my new job a week on Monday.
It's something more to do with my degrees and is a bit closer to where I live too (no more hour and a half commutes to work, yippee!) - I'm over the moon!
It also means I won't have to wear a staff uniform anymore, so will be able to do more outfit posts as I can wear my own clothes! (and paint my nails!) :)
My friend Vanya sent this awesome card to me from Moonpig :)
On Tuesday night Mr Pinklittlebean and I went to the Rutland for a celebratory drink and some food! I had their halloumi burger, which as you can see is absolutely massive! I was beaten by it but it was delish!
I managed to sit outside in the sun on Tuesday briefly and eat my lunch :)
Another ace card from my friend Jenna! :)
Last weekend I went out for one of my colleagues hen do's! I think it's the only time I'm ever going to be a princess...

We went to the Last Laugh Comedy Club at City Hall and then for some drinks in town. I've not been on a proper night out for a while so it was good fun! I felt like absolute rubbish the following day though!
I realised that I've had my driving license for over 10 years now so I needed to update it with a new photograph...
On my hunt through my "important stuff box" looking for a passport photo I came across four of my wisdom teeth that I'd had removed and this slightly gruesome memento...
My Grandad had a glass eye and when he passed away and we had to clear out his things we kept finding his "spare eyes"! I thought it was pretty fascinating so kept one!
(Sorry if you find it a bit squeamish!!)
I was experimenting making myself a new drink at work today and decided it actually looked a bit like a glass of Guinness settling...!
Last night I met the lovely Cindy (you can check out her blog here!) for tea at the Broadfield. I had butternut squash, beetroot and feta pie. It was awesome! They make the pies themselves and the portion was absolutely enormous!
We managed to leave enough room to share a sticky toffee pudding for afters. It was gorgeous... My mouth is watering thinking about it now!
I'm starting to sort some of my things out again as I really need to make some room!
I currently have this See By Chloe dress for sale on eBay. It's only 99p at the moment so take a peek :)
Finally, it's Mr Pinklittlebean's sister's wedding at the end of this month. I thought I knew what I was going to wear but then spotted this Sugarhill Boutique dress in the Ark sale and thought it seemed more suitable as it's probably going to be cold! I'm a little stuck now with what to wear with it accessory-wise!

What would you wear with it and what colours would you go for?


  1. Drink more gin is sound advice!

  2. Congrats on job front! :)
    Yourfood pictures look am amazing.. (im soo hungry right
    Awesome cards.. LOVE Moonpig.. it's a life saver.. I hate choosing cards in


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