Saturday, 30 June 2012

Food Porn - June 2012 Edition

Coconut Beer, The Sheffield Tap

My brother had his leaving do a few weekends ago (he's gone back down to Cornwall to work for the Summer) and we all met in the Sheffield Tap (the pub in/next to Sheffield train station).

I'd never been before but had heard they had a good selection of drinks (I believe it's something like 150 different beers? Maybe more?)

My brother asked me if I wanted a drink - I said surprise me. He returned with this!

It was so nice!
Halloumi Wrap, The Greedy Greek, Sheffield
Later on in the day (after sitting in the pub and Endcliffe Park) we went into The Greedy Greek for some food. I love halloumi and I loved this!
Tuna Salad and New Potatoes
My brother and his girlfriend moved in for a couple of days before they moved away. They made me this for dinner one evening and it was very tasty. He'd marinaded the tuna and it was perfect!
Flake Ice Cream 99

One of my colleagues bought a pack of ice creams for us to have as it was so ridiculously hot in work!
Home Made Pizza
I made a square pizza. I topped it with tomatoes, mushrooms, sweetcorn and herbs. I do sometimes eat things that aren't pizza.
Mini Pepsi Max Can
I couldn't resist this - it's tiny!
Polenta, Spaghetti House, Knightsbridge
I had this as a starter when I met my friend Emma while I was down in London. I've not had polenta for years and it was really good (and a lot tastier than I remember)!
Raspberry Mojito, Revolucion De Cuba, Sheffield
We had a bit of a bad experience last time we went to the Rum bar but we ventured back. It wasn't really that much better on our returning visit unfortunately but they do serve very nice cocktails!
Veggie Enchiladas, Revolucion De Cuba, Sheffield
The food is good too, just the service isn't that great or speedy!

My dinner was massive. It took me about 45 minutes to eat it!
Home Made Banana and Ginger Cake
My Mum had made some cake and chopped up a bit of fruit too. I like to think it cancels out the cake :)
Elderflower Collins, Bloo 88, Sheffield
Once again, we had a group buying type voucher for food and drink! Bloo 88 used to be BRB and then Rise at The Hallamshire (in the time I've been in Sheffield!) my uni friends and I used to frequent the place a lot to take advantage of their 241 stone baked pizzas.

The cocktails were very refreshing.

It's been done up again and looks very nice inside. They are still serving stone baked pizzas too!...
Mediterranean Pizza, Bloo 88, Sheffield
My pizza was delicious and was enormous! I couldn't quite manage it all but enjoyed trying!
Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime Cider
I love Rekorderlig cider!
Fish fingers, Chips and Peas
It does look like I have the eating habits of a 5 year old. You're right in thinking that, I do! :)
Giant Tomato!
I had this with a sandwich for my lunch, it was like eating an apple (made out of tomato!)
Hello Kitty Ice Lollies
My Mum bought these. I love them.
Wetherspoons Veggie Breakfast
I had a hospital appointment on Monday morning and had a little bit of time before I started work so popped into Wetherspoons for breakfast/lunch. I thought it wasn't bad for £2.80!
Boots Quinoi Salad

I picked up one of the Boots meal deals and decided to try something different to what I'd usually have and very nice it was! :)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Brunch at the Milestone, Sheffield

Last Saturday, Mum and I used one of (our many!) group buying type vouchers and had brunch at The Milestone in Sheffield.

I'd heard lots about the Milestone (especially as they were crowned Gordon Ramsays best British Restaurant!)
Our brunch came with a glass of fizz, which made it seem even more decadent!

I like that the staff brought over water for us without having to ask too.
I chose to have Eggs Florentine. I'll be honest now. I don't really like eggs but I'd never tried poached eggs so thought I'd give them a go!
I was pleasantly surprised! I actually loved them! There was the right amount of everything on the plate for me. I would definitely choose to have this again!
The coffee was really good too. I love coffee but I hate it when it's too bitter or tastes burnt. This was just right for me! I loved the tiny bottle of milk that came with it too! (I'm a sucker for all things tiny!)
Mum and I fancied something sweet for afters. My brother and his girlfriend had visited the Milestone a few weekends before and said we needed to try a sweet too as they are to die for.

We couldn't decided what to have, so went for the sharing platter...

Lemon and Coconut Slice with Pineapple Carpaccio and Coriander Ice Cream

This was probably my favourite pudding out of the four (although to be fair, I feel like I'm choosing a favourite child! They were all amazing!) The slice was moist and the ice cream went together with it perfectly!
Vanilla Peach Crumble with Peach Melba Ice Cream
This was delicious! It was like a deconstructed crumble. The peaches were warm and it went together brilliantly.
Chocolate Brownie with Berry Coulis. Hazelnut and Basil Salad

This was delicious and rich. The hazelnuts were coated with a toffee covering which made them extra special.
This tart was both tangy and creamy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it now!

I would definitely return for brunch (I'm actually going back on Sunday with Mr Pinklittlebean!) but would also think about going in just for pudding and a coffee!

If you are in Sheffield I would recommend a visit!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Trip To London June 2012

A couple of weekends back I went down to London for the Jubilee Celebrations...
This was my token gesture towards wearing anything union jack/blue/red/white!
I did like all of the bunting out that we saw!
My Mum had got a group buying type voucher for Benito's Hat which is just behind Topshop on Oxford Street. We had burritos and cocktails in there and they were spot on! The staff were really friendly and I was amazed at just how much they managed to cram in the burritos!
My veggie burrito! Yum!
Watermelon margarita cocktails were so refreshing!
We'd got tickets for Battersea Park. I only managed to catch a tiny glimpse of the boats on the river (due to being vertically challenged/not bringing a ladder!)
I caught up with my friend Ged who I went to Uni with. We got absolutely drenched as it just chucked it down for most of the day! (Hooray for ponchos!)
Norman Jay and Dj Yoda were brilliant. The crowds kept dancing despite the rain!
I spotted this at Victoria Station!
I met my friend Emma for dinner and then went to meet up with Mum again afterwards. The tube I was on was totally empty! It was a bit eerie considering only hours earlier it had been absolutely chocka!
On my tod!
I met Mum at the Shepherds Bush Empire to see Mazzy Star.
I managed to catch the end of the gig! The set was pretty cool.
Picture taken from the newspaper.
The following morning I had a flick through the paper and I think this was my favourite picture!
When we go down to London, we stay with our friends Rosi and Jim (no, not the puppets...)
This is their living room. Jim painted the mural himself! He's very talented.
I love their house. It's full of all kinds of things!
Mum and I wanted to check out the Yayoi Kusama exhibiton at the Tate. It was pretty mad! I think this piece and the dotty room were my favourite.
The lights changed colour and the mirrors made it really disorientating. It was pretty trippy!
Another token food picture! I picked up the kids packed lunch to have and thought it was brilliant :) (I'm easily pleased...)
The drive back to Sheffield was horrid! We could barely see the road! I was very glad to get back to the warmth of my bed!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mini Round Up 26/06/12

I've had a busy few weeks once again so I'm spending today catching up on some blogging!

I came across a couple of old pictures at Mum's I thought I'd share...
Me and my brother when he was a baby! (Me with ombred hair!)
I love this picture! It would have been taken in about 1990ish at one of our village's fetes.
I worked on the merch stall for Tragedy (All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees) when they played in Sheffield. They are hilarious and I had a really fun night! :)
I've watched a bit of the football. We went out a couple of Saturdays ago to watch one of the games and catch up with our friend who was up visiting from London. What started as a quiet night ended up with me over doing it on jaeger bombs and going to bed at about half 3 in the morning. I felt absolutely awful on the Sunday and had to stay up for the next 24 hours as I had a sleep deprived EEG on the Monday. Eurgh!

This is photographic evidence of why I should not be administered Jaegermister. Ever.
I was rather lucky last week as the sunshine was out on my day off! I sat in the garden for a bit, as did Trevor our tortoise and Alfie our dog!
I've done quite a lot of reading recently too. I caved in and bought a second hand Kindle. I'd wanted one for quite a while but couldn't really justify spending so much on one.

I saw one in the window of CEX and decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did - I love it! I have to leave an hour and a half to get into work so it's a lifesaver for the long bus and tram journeys!

I'm currently reading Paul O'Grady's autobiography.

Do you have any recommendations of books to download?
Last Thursday Mr Pinklittlebean asked me to see if I wanted to go and see Watch The Throne (Jay Z and Kanye West) at the arena in Sheffield. I said yes please!

The gig was absolutely awesome. It was definitely one of the best I've been to this year!
I went out for a quick drink on Saturday night for my friends 30th Birthdays. I didn't manage to get an OOTD picture but I decided to wear heels for once and here's the photographic evidence!
Yesterday evening after work, I went along to Eccy Road in Sheffield to catch a glimpse of the Olympic Torch as it passed through.

One of my brothers friends; Hannah Daykin was a torch bearer so I thought it would be nice if we could cheer her along!

There was a little boy next to us in the crowds and he'd got a dress up policeman's hat on. One of the policemen on their bikes stopped and lifted him up onto his bike (picture above!) - it was like something out of a movie! Very sweet!

The atmosphere was buzzing and had a real community feel to it :)
This is Hannah and the torch!

Hannah's Father suffers from PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) which is a degenerative brain disease. There is no cause and no cure. There is very little information about PSP and Hannah is trying to raise awareness of the cruel disease.

The gentleman in the wheelchair is Hannah's Father. I don't think she was expecting him to be there to see her so it was such a lovely thing to witness. I'm sure he is very proud of her as were all the people who were there!

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